Course List

Below is a list of some of the courses that are available to students enrolled in Sobel University.

De-Can Your Presentation
The Graph
Show Greeter Systems, We Need Them!
Why Spend More?
Product Selection, Why?
Prime Use
Bird Dog Newsletter System
Orphan Owners
No Deposit, No Return!
Just Looking
Gas Prices: Towables vs. Motorized
Credit Union Conversion
Target Market Plans
Service Contract: Price Objection
Turning, Why and How?
Be a Salesperson
Bring Back Part 1
Bring Back Part 2
Bring Back Part 3
Bring Back Part 4
Bring Back Part 5
Walking Numbers
Cash Conversion
T.O. to Business Manager
Have and Have Not
Go Pro
Exit Interview
Employee Notice
Internet Shoppers
Stop Shoppers
Road To The Sale
Scale Of The Sale
It’s Your Client’s Idea
Circle and Square
We Care
Time Frame of The Sale
Interactive Presentation
Open Your Mouth When...
Passion For Learning
Play To Win
Downstream Selling
Value Summary Close
Do For
Be Nice!
Have Fun!
Your Choice
No One Leaves Unhappy
Do Not Defame Your Client
Become Memorable
You Deserve A Good Tip
Be Predictable
Kobayashi Maru
An Empty Cup
You Are The Physician
Talk About What You Know
Love Of The Game
The Customer is NOT Always Right
Hearing Without Listening
Span of Control
Listen To Yourself
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
When Your Client Leaves…
Third Base
Do It Now
Because Of Our Clients, We Exist
Protect Your Client’s Right To Buy
Immeasurable Statistic
Be Organized
Touch It Once
Be Manageable
Target Market For Service Advisors
T.O. to Business Manager
Cash Conversion
Credit Union Conversion
Service Contract: Price Objection
Have and Have Not
Systems, We Need Them!
Show Greeter
Employee Notice
Exit Interview
Be A Salesperson
Purchasing Confidence
Get Ready to Learn
Processing New Information
It Starts With Culture
Salesperson’s Monthly Income Planner
The Graph
Today’s Market Profitability
Follow-up Systems
Daily Traffic Logs
Concepts and Definitions
Skills Required for a Sales Professional
Applied Sales Theories
Over and Under Allowance
Accessories or Successories?
Charges to your Commission (Business Pack)
Salary or Commission
The Road To The Sale
“We’re Just Getting Started”
“This is the First Place We’ve Shopped”
“We Are Going to Your Competition Next”
Turning: The Numbers
Turning: When and How
Meet and Greet: Goals
Meet and Greet: Rapport
Meet and Greet: Control
Meet and Greet: Job Description
Meet and Greet Transition to Product Selection (parts 1-5)
Product Selection: If Needed: Circle/Square
Product Selection: If Needed: Triangles
Product Selection: If Needed: Prime Use
Product Selection: Goals
Product Selection: The Four Types of Buyers
Product Selection: Keeping Open Product Options
Product Selection: What the Client Wants
Product Selection: Use? Activities?
Product Selection: Vacation (Length) = Employment
Product Selection: Are All of the Buyers Present?
Product Selection: Only One of Your Clients Is Present
Product Selection: Who Else?
Product Selection: Trade?
Product Selection: Options Required
Product Selection: Trips Planned or Favorite Campsite?
Product Selection: Questions Not To Ask
Product Selection: Understanding The Circle and Square
Product Selection: Anchoring and Anchor Points
Product Selection: Anchoring and Cash Buyer Theory
Product Selection: Anchoring Comprehension
Product Selection: Cash or Finance Question
Product Selection: Cash Buyer Questions
Product Selection: Golden Ticket
Product Selection: MCP Word Track
Product Selection: If Needed: Open Ranges
Product Selection: If Needed: First Time
Product Selection: If Needed: Copy
Product Selection: Difference Buyer Questions
Product Selection: Finance Buyer: Credit Question
Product Selection: Finance Buyer: Credit Challenged
Product Selection: Finance Buyer: Business Owner
Product Selection: Financed Buyer: Tax, Trade, Payoff
Product Selection: Financed Buyer: Down Payment Range
Product Selection: Financed Buyer: Payment Range
Product Selection: Trade Buyer Questions
Product Selection: If Needed: Right Order
Transition from 1st MCP to Interactive Presentation (part 1): Rather Than
Transition from 1st MCP to Interactive Presentation (part 2): Disqualify Other Products
Transition from 1st MCP to Interactive Presentation (part 3): Source
Transition from 1st MCP to Interactive Presentation (part 4): Clockwise
Transition from 1st MCP to Interactive Presentation (part 5): There Is Going To Be A Test
Interactive Presentation Goals
Interactive Presentation
Interactive Presentation Worksheet
Stock Card Worksheet
Product Demonstration
Trial Close Goals
Trial Close: Are You Ready For The Test?
Trial Close: Result 1 After Reviewing 7-15 Features
Trial Close: Result 2 After Reviewing All 30 Features
Trial Close: Result 3 After Reviewing All 30 Features
Trial Close: Result 4 After Reviewing All 30 Features
Trial Close: Objection Handling (Restate Objection in Question Form)
Trial Close: Objection Handling (Answer Easy Objection)Downstream Selling
Downstream Selling Examples
Write Up: Goals and Theory
Write Up: Home Court Cash Buyer
Write Up: Home Court Up To Trade
Write Up: Trade Section
Write Up: Special Options To Title Location
Write Up: Cash Price And Required Features
Write Up: Cash Buyer Order Blank, Either/Or, Summary, and Secondary Question Closes
Write Up: Payment Buyer
Write Up: Payment Buyer Pencil-Back
Write Up: Difference Buyer Presented With Three Different Trade Values
Write Up: Trade Buyer
Write Up: Leasing
Write Up: Summary
Closing: Common Mistakes
Closing: Definition And Goals
Closing: Survey And Baby Close
Closing: Summary Close
Closing: The Order Blank Close
Closing: Alternate Choice Close
Closing: Secondary Question Close
Closing: Sharp Angle Close
Closing: The Balance Sheet Close
Closing: Similar Situation Close
Closing: I’ll Think It Over
Closing: The Lost Sale
Closing: Conclusion
C.S.I. The Delivery Process
Locates And Dealer Trades
Factory Orders
Financing Terms
Tempt or Dare You: Old Inventory
Tempt or Dare You: Below Budget
Tempt or Dare You: Other Than Money
Tempt or Dare You: Guaranteed Trade Value
Tempt or Dare You: Layaway
Tempt or Dare You: Own To Rent
Hold Sign
Sold Sign
Determine Attitude of Customer
Buyer Personality Characteristics
Buy Now: Supply and Demand
Buy Now: New or Rare Model
Buy Now: Manufacturer Restrictions
Buy Now: Allocation and Order Cut-Off
Buy Now: Price Hedge
Buy Now: Inflation Hedge
Buy Now: Fuel Saving
Buy Now: Affordable Health Care
Buy Now: Fuel Costs In Manufacturing
Buy Now: Minimum Wage In Manufacturing
Buy Now: Break-in Period For Warranty
Buy Now: More Competitive Financing Options While Still Working
Buy Now: Current Model, Last Years Labor and Materials
Buy Now: Buying In June When I Retire
Buy Now: Same Product Before Model Year Price Increase
Buy Now: You Have the Last One
Buy Now: New Up, Trade Down
Buy Now: After Show Pricing
Buy Now: Years In Business
Buy Now: Factory and Master Certified Technicians
Buy Now: Follow-up After the Sale
Buy Now: On Going Current Training
Buy Now: Replacement Cost of Inventory
Buy Now: Trade Repair Cost (Purchasing From a Private Party)
Buy Now: Upcoming Service Bill
Buy Now: Restocking Fee, 1st Right Of Refusal
Buy Now: Depreciation Difference
Buy Now: Before Show Expenses
Buy Now: Not At Show Prices
Buy Now: Clients Built New Facility
Buy Now: Low Overhead
Phone Script
Business Structure
UP, Batter Up
Service Opportunities
Bird Dogs
Time Management

Many More Coming Soon!