Sobel University is a subsidiary of Sobel & Associates, Inc. Sobel & Associates, Inc. has been a leader in marketing, training and consulting to the retail sales industry for more than 20 years. We have worked internationally training well over 1,000 dealerships and more than 60,000 salespeople and managers.

Our mission is to help new and experienced salespeople reach their highest potential in sales, profits and productivity while setting an industry standard in retail sales and customer service.

Sobel University is excited to offer a challenging certificate program that will allow sales people to increase their competency and compensation. We are also excited to have a program that allows employers to hire qualified trained professionals.

Through the Associates Certificate Program there are multiple elective courses available in addition to the required courses.This certification program is designed to work with salespeople, managers and our admissions advisors to choose courses that will be of the most benefit to you in your industry.

The Associate Certificate requires a minimum of 100 credits:
5 hours in Comprehensive Sales Course 101, 121, or 131
68 hours in Sales Principles
10 hours in Manufacturers Training
5 elective hours in Sales Techniques
12 elective hours in Comprehensive Sales Course, Sales Techniques or Manufacturers Training

At Sobel University we understand that each industry has unique needs. Our wide variety of courses makes it easy for you to customize your certificate. Our skilled Admissions Advisors will instruct you on the most powerful courses for your particular field.