In-Store Training

Sobel & Associates was founded on this first service. After discovering that the usual seminar was held by an "entertainer" who had never sold anything but training...this was the place to start!

These so-called training experiences provided motivation that usually lasted all the way back to the dealership, or through the weekend, if the trainers were not discredited by a sales manager first.

  • Training is held at your location, on your product and on your lot!
  • All training is previewed by managers to maintain consistency and relevancy.
  • Scheduling allows business to continue while all personnel attend.
  • Comprehensive workbooks provided to extend training follow-up.
  • Realistic training incorporates fundamentals with advanced new concepts.
  • Game plan and follow-up are outlined to increase the use of new skills.
  • Productivity lasts and is measurably increased immediately!